give your donors the EASIEST way to impact your cause.

get the most affordable way to receive donations. no setup costs. no need to download another giving app again!

with gvr. you'll give your donors [and potential donors] the easiest way to give to your charity, your organisation, and to impact your cause. giving on a mobile device shouldn't require you to download an app first. give your donors what they want: give them fast. give them simple. give them security. give them mobile. give them gvr. and pay the lowest fees so you'll walk away with more of the donation.

gvr. helps you build more impact.

donors want to give but they might not remember your website. their time is limited. with gvr. donors don't need to remember websites. let them scan. give. impact. repeat. 

you can start using gvr. today!

designed to be easy. gvr. makes donating to charities simpler than ever before - helping you receive more donor funds faster. oh, and have we mentioned that gvr. has no set up costs, no subscriptions and no monthly fees.

gvr. is easy to set-up

register [may take you up to 5 minutes]. fill out a form and you're pretty much done.

gvr. will send you a welcome email

gvr. will send you a welcome email that includes the unique QR code for your charity. this is the QR code to share with the world.

it's all about sharing...

share your QR code with your supporters. share your QR code on your social media pages. share your QR code at your next event.

donor: scans

donor: use your phone's camera to scan a charity's QR code.

donor: selects amount

select your donation amount or enter the amount you'd like to give. your choice.

donor: completes

select how to pay. choose ApplePay [iOS devices only], GooglePay [Android devices only] or enter your credit card. that's it. a receipt will be emailed to you.

get to know your donors.

getting to know your donors shouldn't be hard. gvr. lets you know who donates to your cause. building lasting relationships with your donors is made easy with gvr.

one low cost/donations deposited in 72hrs.

fast, easy deposits into your nominated bank account. get more funds and quicker for those that need it most. no subscriptions or contracts.

one really low fee.

gvr. gives you fast, simple, impactful giving. gvr. costs just $1.50 per donation, whatever the donation [less Stripe fees]. gvr. let's you walk away with more of the donation.

no subscriptions

others charge you per month. we don't. no monthly fees. no contracts. use gvr. whenever you want, as much as you like, wherever you like. have peace of mind.

simple setup

no point-of-sale terminals, charging stations or wifi required and no setup fees. gvr. is ready when you are! register, share your unique QR code and start raising funds immediately.

one really low cost

just $1.50 per donation in Australia [less Stripe fees] is all gvr. costs. whether you receive a donation of $5 or $10,000 - the cost is the same. just $1.50 per donation. and here's more good news: we've also locked in lower Stripe fees. that means more of the donation for your cause!

you're just one click away.

the perfect partner to raise donations for your cause.

Australian-owned. transparent. honest. track your donations. get the reports that matter.

be free to do more good.

gvr. helps transform what you do, and how you do it. win back time to do more of what counts.

easy. fast. donation payments.


on iPhones and all Apple devices.


on all Android devices.

Credit Cards

all major providers accepted.

best for donors.

fast and easiest way to donate. scan. select amount. pay for your donation using ApplePay, GooglePay or credit card. done!

best for causes.

every cause needs donations. regardless of size, gvr. is for every charity/cause. register. get your unique QR code. start raising donations today!

gvr. goes where you go.

hitting the road soon? sponsoring an event or a conference? got a fundraising event on? hosting a Bunning's bbq? gvr. goes wherever you go. take gvr. with you. no electricity. no charging required. no wifi or data necessary. gvr. is all you need!

join the charities+ already using gvr.!

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